Jaja Artz comprises of various artwork in pencil, pencil crayon and watercolor paint. They reflect aspects of African / Caribbean life and culture, from famous black musicians, young black achievers to African people in natural surroundings. Some of the work shows the many different features of the African face, both in and out of Africa.

The African Continent selection includes the Masai tribe of east Africa. Each piece on this topic reflects a significant occasion in the Masai cultural practises and everyday life, such as time of circumcision, wedding, or the initiation from boy to manhood. The works further projects the bond between father and child, and mother and child.

They also show the creativity of African people. In particular, the way both men and women manage to adorn themselves with simple materials, that would be considered as waste in the western world. Yet the Masai people use them to create a beautiful look, which interrelates with, and enhances their complexion in the natural African background.

Famous and Well Known People - Lauryn Hill2 (featured image)Their resourcefulness is clearly evident in the art forms, as simple everyday items or materials such as buttons can be seen woven into the elaborate jewellery they adorn themselves with.

Added to this, there is the Rasta Selection which depicts various images of Rastafarians such as the legendary Bob Marley and other Rastafarians, all of whom in their own way contributed to making the world aware of the African contribution to civilization, while simultaneously inspiring people the world over. Each having their own individual look, and playing their role in the struggles of the African diaspora. All of which has great significance in the Rastafarian way of life.

Art is a way of telling a story, and has been used in all cultures from the dawn of time. Each art work has a story or theme that is part of the overall African story. Portraits of Martin Luther king, Malcolm X and Nelson Mandela for example, instantly brings to mind the civil rights movement in the U.S.A and the fight against apartheid in South Africa. Therefore, art stands as a great reminder of the past.

It is hoped that future generations may see these artworks, and be inspired to stay clear of the negative actions that sets mankind against each other and further help to educate African people in Africa and abroad of their rich ancient culture and history.

All the art works are available with or without different coloured frames. And will greatly enhance the decor of any room or hallway in the home.