The Background:

The Rastafarian movement is paramount in bringing awareness of African culture and history to black people all over the world.

Most of this history was corrupted and hidden for over two thousand years.
As a Rastafarian, I felt compelled to include portraits of various Rastafarian’s including the honourable Bob Marley who was at the forefront of spreading the Rastafari message through Reggae music.

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All the artworks are available with or without different coloured frames. And will greatly enhance the decor of any room or hallway in the home.

The Ras - Total £6.50 GBP
The Ras – Total £6.50 GBP
Samson - Total £6.50 GBP
Samson – Total £6.50 GBP
Dread Youth - Total £6.50 GBP
Dread Youth – Total £6.50 GBP

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