The Background:

The family is of great importance in African culture, and is not only based on the immediate family members, but also the village as a whole.

This category reflects the aspects of African family life and nature, as well as portraits of various kings, chiefs and princesses of African descent, and the effects of European society on the African continent.

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All the artworks are available with or without different coloured frames. And will greatly enhance the decor of any room or hallway in the home.

Lion of Judah - Total £6.50 GBP
Lion of Judah – Total £6.50 GBP
Mother and Daughter - Total £6.50 GBP
Mother and Daughter – Total £6.50 GBP
Orchid of the Table Mountain - Total £6.50 GBP
Orchid of the Table Mountain – Total £6.50 GBP

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