African Continent - Young Masai (featured image)African Continent

Africa is the continent of a thousand tongues, with a diversity of cultural beliefs that provides great opportunities for any artist.

Art works in this category are mostly based on the Masai tribe of east Africa. There are also art works reflecting other parts of the African continent. In particular, the Ashanti tribe of Ghana. This is mainly because of my interest as an artist to work with various colours and intricate designs.


Rasta Selection - Dread Youth (featured image)Rasta & Culture

The Rastafarian movement is paramount in bringing awareness of African culture and history to black people all over the world.

Most of this history was corrupted and hidden for over two thousand years. As a Rastafarian, I felt compelled to include portraits of various Rastafarian’s including the honourable Bob Marley who was at the forefront of spreading the Rastafari message through Reggae music.


Life and Culture - Mother and Daughter (featured image)Life, People, Society and Culture

The family is of great importance in African culture, and is not only based on the immediate family members, but also the village as a whole.

This category reflects the aspects of African family life and nature, as well as portraits of various kings, chiefs and princesses of African descent, and the effects of European society on the African continent.


Famous and Well Known People - Lauryn Hill2 (featured image)Famous and & Well-Known People (Women)

The role of women in the African struggle is of great importance. Women have always been held in high regards in African history.

In this category are portraits of some famous black women achievers, to also include well- known black women and numerous stories of warrior women/queens who contributed to the African story from ancient times.


Famous and Well Known People - Jaja Soze2 (featured image)Famous and & Well-Known People (Men)

This category is based on black men achievers, and includes famous singers, musicians, leaders of the civil rights movement, and community activists.

All of whom contributed to the struggles of African people worldwide. Portraits of Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, and MalcolmX brings to mind the struggle for civil rights in America, and against the apartheid system in South Africa.


Lovers Selection - The Couple (featured image)Family & Lovers Selection

There are numerous stories of lovers in all cultures from the dawn of time. Whether with happy or sad endings, lovers play an important role in ensuring our very survival.

Love is the maintaining force that creates and supports the family. This category is a collection of works reflecting various poses and portraits of couples, and family members as they relate to and support each other.